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Monday, 19 March 2012

Free Dinner for 4 at L'Académie!

Show us your best teamwork and win a free dinner for four at l'Académie!

Contest details:
Think you've got the components of a great team? Peak Performance 
wants to see what you've got! Post a creative picture on our Facebook 
page of your team acting out a component of our dynamix profile:
Commitment, Courage, Discipline or Growth.

The team that accumulates the most likes on their photo will enjoy a
fabulous dinner for four at restaurante L'academie, complements of
Peak Performance 2!

Contest rules:

1. Team must include 4 teammates. All teammates must be included in the photo.

2. Contest begins Tuesday March 20 @ 8am.

3. All photo entries must be submitted by Thursday, March 22 at 6pm.

4. Total "likes" rankings will be posted every day at 8pm.

5. The first round ends Thursday, March 22 at 8pm.

6. The top 2 ranked photos at 8pm on Thursday, March 22nd will go head to head in the final!

7. The final round will last 24 hours, where 2 teams will battle for photo supremacy! At exactly 8pm Friday evening, the team with the most "likes" wins the contest.

8. Minimum of 25 likes on the image to qualify for the final.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

If you don't have that inspirational speech

When teams face a crossroad at which the two options are to work together towards the common goal or fall apart, it is often difficult to predict which way it will go.

Not all teams are blessed with an eloquent leader or Al Pacino delivering a well written speech to a camera crew for that matter. So how do you ensure that your team doesn't fall apart when cooperation is needed most?

In depth knowledge of yourself, your teammates, communication and focus on the goal will help teams to thrive in any situation. 

Because knowing is half the battle.

- Michael

Monday, 5 March 2012

Surviving Work

  Last week at work, my team and I had to come up with a quick solution to a 'misplaced' signage that was supposed to arrive in store by Friday but never did. At first we were angry and stressed and blamed every department but our own for this missing signage that didn't hit stores on time. 
We then stopped and came up with a solution together, as a team. With all of our ideas and solutions we ended up fixing the problem rather quickly, and probably much faster than just one person trying to resolve the problem alone.
  Sometimes its better to work alone or maybe its just easier, but with a team you have more people thinking, and two heads are better than one.
My team and I work well together, we pick up on each others mistakes and always have each others back. Their my survival kit!

The Marshmallow Challenge

Check out this video!
Interesting to see how well we think we perform and how well  we actually perform  under pressure and working as a team.

Try the marshmallow challenge with your colleagues or come up with your own challenge and blog about your Performance!
Worse than you thought? 
 Improve your team building skills with Peak!


The Power Of Teams

A team is a family. Whether it's your team at school, work, or on the field, you always work together and build upon each others strengths and weaknesses.
It can be challenging, fun and hard work, but in the end it always leads to growth. Growing your communication skills, guidance, focus and constructive criticism.

Dancing is a performance on its own, but when dancing with a partner it takes courage to trust that your partner will be there to catch you.  This video is a perfect example of working with your partner and as part of a team, it shows you the results you can achieve when working together and dancing to the beat of the music. Plus, they are also amazing dancers!
The commitment that goes into to each hour of hard work to get every moment perfect is incredible. It takes so much discipline to always keep that focus and practice over and over even when you've hardly slept.
A dance can be a metaphor for what ever you want it to be. To me, I think we dance everyday, meaning we work together in teams in all different situations. Working in Marketing I dance all the time. What about you?

March 5, 2012

Classic Teams: The Montreal Canadiens

Every team has ups and downs, though everyone shares a common goal, several factors influence results. The Montreal Canadiens have been faced with a difficult season this year. They currently sit in last place of the eastern conference despite sustained efforts and dramatic changes, such as replacing the head coach.

Many argue that the problem is rooted deep within the organization and touches all levels, from the ice to the offices upstairs. Without an aligned vision and solid teamwork on all levels, it is difficult to achieve excellence. 

When evaluating teams, courage, growth, commitment and discipline are 4 key indicators of success.

After a difficult season, one would argue that there is nowhere to go but up. While I agree with this, the entire organization should look to the future with a focus on courage, growth commitment and discipline.

- Michael