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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Clock Bandits

Remember the days when you were younger, when causing just a little trouble created a good chuckle and a lifetime of memories. Usually those memories were made possible because others were involved. Actually, they exist because friends and often groups or teams made them possible, because laughing is just a little more fun when you can share it with others!

During our graduating year from high school, we felt as though we needed to go out with a bang. Now throughout our high school years, our group of friends had always designed schemes that were capable of giving people a good laugh. Under 2 conditions:
1. The joke or plot was only attempted if the purpose was to make others laugh, without causing too much harm!
2. TRUST in your teammates. No matter the consequence, never leave a fellow teammate behind!

Now here's one of our stories:
The classroom clocks were always hung directly above the doorway, suspended by a small nail. Our tallest teammate would walk out of the classroom first. On his way out, he would jump and tip the clock off the nail just enough so that it would fall to the floor. My role was to walk directly behind him to catch the clock as it fell off the wall. Our third teammate would distract the professor until the job was completed. What started as a small joke, eventually led to a long term goal. By the end of the year, all 54 classrooms were.... clock-less. 

Teachers made several demands and offered many incentives to have the clocks returned, but unfortunately for them, they wouldn't be returned so quickly. Now I am not condoning theft, because in the end, the clocks were returned by the clock bandits anyway. On the last weekend prior to the end of the year, the clock bandits entered the school on a Saturday when no staff were around. In the main lobby, we put up a mural and suspended all the clocks. With it, a message:

Amount of times in detention hall: painful
Number of hours spent studying: endless
All the memories: TIMELESS

Have any funny stories with a team of friends, or any ideas that you always wished you tried?
If so, post them in the comments below!