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Monday, 5 March 2012

The Power Of Teams

A team is a family. Whether it's your team at school, work, or on the field, you always work together and build upon each others strengths and weaknesses.
It can be challenging, fun and hard work, but in the end it always leads to growth. Growing your communication skills, guidance, focus and constructive criticism.

Dancing is a performance on its own, but when dancing with a partner it takes courage to trust that your partner will be there to catch you.  This video is a perfect example of working with your partner and as part of a team, it shows you the results you can achieve when working together and dancing to the beat of the music. Plus, they are also amazing dancers!
The commitment that goes into to each hour of hard work to get every moment perfect is incredible. It takes so much discipline to always keep that focus and practice over and over even when you've hardly slept.
A dance can be a metaphor for what ever you want it to be. To me, I think we dance everyday, meaning we work together in teams in all different situations. Working in Marketing I dance all the time. What about you?

March 5, 2012

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